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A collection of resources 

that don't have a home.

  • The Ohio School Finance Blue Book that we bought from UD was well worth the read to better understand the basics of school financing. It is currently being used as a text book for one of their courses.


  • There has been a lot of misinformation about what a school/school employees/school board can and can't do legally in regards to a levy. Bricker & Eckler is a law firm in Columbus that does a lot of work with schools. Here's their Q&A on the subject.


  • We were shown the documentary, Broklehoma, which looks at what happens when the public schools in Oklahoma were not funded and thought it'd be worth sharing.


  • This is an interesting article discussing how facts are not the most effective response to confirmation bias.

  • What do cops and teachers have in common? They're both public employees that face a great deal of both public expectation and condemnation. This blog post was shared by a friend of ours in law enforcement, so the perspective is that of a cop. But his premise, and ultimate point, is equally applicable to educators.  

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