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Questions With Cozad

Why does November matter to the schools?

Why didn't the school wait until next year?

What kind of levy is this?

What budget cuts have been made already?

What would happen if the levy passed?

Why does the school ask for levies repeatedly?

Are there financial comparisons available?

What other information is good to know?

How does this levy compare to the last two?

Have the pandemic related reductions impacted BSS?

Where else can I get levy information?

Is this the same levy as the one in March?

Why can't the school wait until 2022 for funding?

How was this levy decided upon?

Are cuts a threat?

How is the state involved in BSS funding?

Didn't the district have a state performance audit?

Why not go after the state for more funding?

How do the taxes here compare to other districts?

What is Allerton Hill and why were they hired?

How do staffing costs directly affect students?

What are Tailgate Talks?

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