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Order A Sign 

Support Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Schools by pre-ordering a high quality reusable yard sign! Our signs this year will be printed on durable plastic and will include a blank space for the ballot issue number.  This will allow folks to show their support for the schools and then store the sign until they need it again.

In addition to getting a multi-use campaign sign, these pre-orders will help to support the efforts of Citizens For Sugarcreek Schools in their mission of helping the community stay strong by fighting for strong schools. The additional cost, above the price of the sign goes towards the non-sign related needs of the PAC like printing and mailing literature.

Vinyl numbers will be available once a ballot issue number has been determined, but you can also use your own creative methods to stand out.  Colored electrical tape or duck tape is easy to use, and sharpie markers are also effective, but take a little effort to erase for later use.

Signs will be ordered in batches as soon as preorders hit 100 signs, so please let your neighbors know that we need their support!

Help us support our community and click ORDER NOW to preorder your own!

- $10

BSS Blank.jpeg
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